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Nature Builders make an enormous impact on Canada’s spectacular places and species. Become one today.

Nature Canada informs and mobilizes Canadians to take action to protect vulnerable and treasured ecosystems, to celebrate our majestic natural heritage and works to inspire and educate Canadians about our Nature Nation.

Within our borders lies 20% of the planet’s wilderness and countless examples of magnificent but threatened animals like polar bears. And yet less than 7% of our land is protected. Habitat loss caused by unsustainable development and climate change threaten our fragile ecosystems and animal species. Extinction has claimed too many species already. Others remain endangered and at-risk.

Nature Builders: Finding Solutions

Nature Builders, a group of people dedicated to taking action to protect Canada’s wildlife and wildspaces, are a critical part of the solution. Together, we insist on animal and habitat protection and we ignite a passion for nature in young Canadians.

Your leadership support as a Nature Builder has a powerful impact. You’ll be helping us deliver locally based conservation action, and national level education, awareness, and protection campaigns for our most treasured areas and wildlife.

  • You’ll help us advance animal and habitat protection across Canada – allowing us to advocate for more National Parks, and provide real, meaningful solutions to protecting National Wildlife Areas andImportant Bird Areas;
  • Your support will ensure we can inspire Canadians to enjoy their own adventures in nature. We can engage children and adults alike in a love for wildlife and wild spaces;
  • You’ll help us connect ‘Conservation Citizens’ who care locally for nature – a grassroots movement of people in communities across Canada – who are committed to taking personal action to make an impact and be a force of change.

Nature Builders make an annual gift of $500, a commitment which allows us to maximize our efforts to implement solutions to the pressing challenges we see every year.

By joining as a Nature Builder today, you will make an enormous impact on protecting Canada’s spectacular places and species.

For more information, please call Jody Joy at 1-800-267-4088 ext 239, email her at jjoy@naturecanada.ca or mail in your Nature Builders RSVP.

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