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The Nature Network Engagement Program

Nature Canada / The Nature Network Engagement Program

There are hundreds of groups across Canada devoted to getting people out in nature and working actively on conservation. We call these groups the “Nature Network.”

While the mission of these groups is about nature, how they achieve their mission is about people. They function with volunteers, with donors, and with supporters of all kinds.

This means that each of these groups has an interest in good public engagement.

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Some engagement practices are changing particularly as society becomes more digital, while other practices remain as relevant today as they have been forever.

Nature Canada has a program to help Nature Network groups improve their public engagement. We focus on an approach called “engagement organizing” that combines new digital practices with old-school organizing methods. We offer:

  • A downloadable engagement organizing guide
  • Case studies in an e-newsletter
  • Webinars, including a community of practice for sharing experiences
  • Occasional in-person workshops as needed
  • Tailored coaching for organizations that demonstrate real commitment
  • Small engagement organizing grants (by invitation) for select Important Bird Area-related organizations

Is your organization part of the Nature Network in Canada? We believe you are if:

  1. You have programming that takes people out in nature
  2. You are active in conservation

Conversely, you may not be in the Nature Network if you are an environmental group without outings or a recreation group without any work on conservation.

If you are interested in the Nature Network Engagement Program and if you are not already in touch with us, please fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you soon.

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